Why come to us for your next home in Milan?

Because Milan is our city. We have unparalleled specialist knowledge of the local property market and know how to assess properties based on where they are located. We turn market speed into opportunity and know how to discover unlisted and off-market houses. We offer you security and peace of mind when buying and selling, saving you time and money. You'll have an expert at your side, only representing you. We don't act as an intermediary between parties, but as a professional advisor to the buyer.

Why come to us for your next home in Milan?

How we work with individuals

How we work with individuals

We know how to really assess houses, prices and areas.

In a city like Milan, it's essential to have specialist knowledge of the local property market. It's not enough to find what looks like a suitable space, you need to be able to assess a property based on where it is in the city. And is the price right? Can you find something better in another area for the same budget? We work closely with real estate agents and thanks to our extensive network of private contacts we can offer you a comprehensive view of the entire city.


"We have built a relationship of trust with real estate agents in the area and know how to find off-market properties."


We look after your time

We don't have a limited portfolio of properties to offer, we work on the basis of your specific instructions: first carrying out initial viewings and checking legal and structural issues in advance. This means you'll only see properties that really interest you, without any nasty surprises.


"The peace of mind that comes with having made a sound purchase is just as important as knowing you got a good deal."


We will be by your side until the sale has been agreed... and beyond!

When you find the perfect house, you won't have to do everything yourself. We'll be on hand until negotiations are finalised. We'll share our expert negotiation strategy with you, we can help with financing paperwork and, if you need them, we can introduce you to the best professionals to renovate your new property.


"Our goal is to be by your side all the way"


Questions we are often asked

The main  job of an estate agency consists of obtaining commissions of premises to be sold establishing a first contact with the owner, that is the seller. Instead the Property Finder is the adviser of the buyer. He advises, protects and finds, without the limits of a real estate portfolio, those solutions really in line with his client's exigencies.

No. Unlike estate agencies, we have no houses, no offices to be sold or rented that we conduct ourselves, but we only work with the requests we receive. This means that our field of researches is not limited and thanks to the partnership with all the agencies of the area, that we can form an idea about the whole market.

Some key factors include budget, location, size, desired features, and specific needs, such as proximity to public transportation.