Why turn to a relocation company?

In an increasingly global world, relocation plays a crucial role in supporting individuals and companies in their journey towards new horizons. Relying on a relocation company makes the transfer process more accessible, efficient, and smooth for those who have to face it. At Housy, we provide a 360° service customized to the client's needs.

Why turn to a relocation company?

Our services

Our services

Our relocation service includes a wide range of services to support you during your move to Milan.


Are you an individual about to move or a company relocating some employees to Milan? Rely on Housy and take advantage of the valuable support from our relocation consultants, who know the city and will help you find the best solution for you and your family.


Our services include:

▪️ Property finding

▪️ Moving support

▪️ Activation of domestic utilities

▪️ Residence and tax code application

▪️ Registration for local health services

▪️ Assistance in choosing and enrolling in schools



The main  job of an estate agency consists of obtaining commissions of premises to be sold establishing a first contact with the owner, that is the seller. Instead the Property Finder is the adviser of the buyer. He advises, protects and finds, without the limits of a real estate portfolio, those solutions really in line with his client's exigencies.

No. Unlike estate agencies, we have no houses, no offices to be sold or rented that we conduct ourselves, but we only work with the requests we receive. This means that our field of researches is not limited and thanks to the partnership with all the agencies of the area, that we can form an idea about the whole market.

Some key factors include budget, location, size, desired features, and specific needs, such as proximity to public transportation.