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The main  job of an estate agency consists of obtaining commissions of premises to be sold establishing a first contact with the owner, that is the seller. Instead the Property Finder is the adviser of the buyer. He advises, protects and finds, without the limits of a real estate portfolio, those solutions really in line with his client's exigencies.

Yes, of course. Before proposing premises the notarys' offices we work with, will carry out legal analyzes: they will examine deeds of origin, and cadastral surveys to be certain there are no problems and, in case there are some, they suggest solutions to protect you. These professionals are also at your complete disposal for more analysis, registration of contracts, stipulation of promises and deeds.

Of course. We work with several studies of architects and designers who work out the studies of practicability which allow us to quantify costs and time for the renovation even before we suggest the preemises. These professionals are at your complete disposal even for  personalized projects to improve the premises you are going to buy or rent. We also work with several building companies each one specialized in different types of renovation (dwellings, offices, shops, subdivisions): each of them can give you those estimates suitable to your exigencies.